Callitris endlicheri / Black Cypress Pine Print

Callitris endlicheri, commonly known as the Black Cypress Pine, is a species of conifer in the Cupressaceae family. It is found only in Australia. 


Callitris endlicheri occurs along the Great Dividing Range and adjacent western slopes of south eastern Australia, from the New South Wales-Victorian border, north to south east Queensland.

Several isolated populations occur on ranges near central Queensland, to the north of its main distribution. This is usually a conical single-stemmed tree up to 12-20 m tall with fine lateral branching. As it prefers ridges, plateaux, hills and tablelands

C. endlicheriis usually found on relatively shallow stony soils, often on steep slopes

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Grow black cypress pine Callitris endlicheri


They can be planted outdoors in warm climates such as in Florida and southern California. In some ways, they are similar to the Cypress or Cupressus.

POTTING: Callitris can only be cultivated outside in the warmest parts of North America. Anywhere else they should be planted in a sunny greenhouse. When they're planted outside, they should have a sunny location in well-drained, light, loamy soil or sandy peat. Several kinds form lovely plants for decorating the greenhouse. The best compost consists of two parts fibrous loam, one part peat moss and one part coarse sand. When they have filled up their pots with roots, liquid fertilizer should be applied every week during the growing season.

PROPAGATION: Seeds can be sown in sandy soil in a greenhouse or frame at any time. Cuttings may be taken in the summer or autumn, potted in sand or sandy peat.




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