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Prunus subhirtella, sometimes also called Spring Cherry, Higan cherry, or Rosebud cherry is a small tree originating in Japan, but unknown in the wild. It is probably of hybrid origin between Prunus incisa and Prunus spachiana.P. subhirtella bears white to pink flowers which may emerge intermittently from autumn through to spring, and small black fruit.Several garden forms are known. The variety 'Jugatsu-zakura' (incorrectly known as Prunus × subhirtella 'Autumnalis')
is widely grown for its propensity to flower during mild winter weather.



Grow a weeping higan cherry - rosebud cherry tree.


Plant a Weeping Higan Cherry Tree in hardiness zones four through eight. The site should be sunny with moist, well drained soil. This tree can tolerate drought and other types of soil but will benefit from regular watering.


Select a site that will show its ornamental value. The Weeping Higan Cherry Tree is a reliable and profuse bloomer that casts a light shade. However, it splits easily with ice and wind and is not tolerant of smog. This tree is frequently grown in groups along a walkway or as a solitary tree.


Propagate a Weeping Higan Cherry Tree from a semi-hardwood cutting during the summer in most cases. It may also be bud-grafted onto a related seedling or a 6-foot tall member of another Prunus species. Trees grown from grafts usually live longer than those from cuttings.


Transplant a Weeping Higan Cherry Tree easily from the bare root or containers. This cherry is the most tolerant of temperature extremes and stress.


Prune the Weeping Higan Cherry Tree after it flowers in the spring.



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