Basil Growing Instructions Print


Fill the seed tray with seed raising mix about 3/4 up. Give basil a water with your misting spray to dampen, but not drench the soil and seeds.
Add a little bit more soil on top so the seeds are covered. You only need to to add enough soil so the seeds are 3-5mm under soil. It’s better to add a bit more soil than too little. Spray down the new soil added to the seedling tray(s) and give it a gentle pat down so the seeds are well contacted with the soil.
The best place to store seedlings is by a window that gets some sun, especially if you live in a cold climate as you don’t want the seedlings to freeze. it’s a good idea to place a plastic bag or the like over the top of the seed trays to give it a hot house effect, keeping the moisture inside and protecting the seeds from frost.
The Basil seeds will start sprouting in 10-12 days. Once the basil seedlings have reached around 3 inches ( 7-8cm) you’re ready to transplant your basil seedlings into your garden or into a pot so the roots can develop and your basil tree can start growing!


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