Coleus Growing Instructions Print


Soak the flat well before sowing the seeds—it should be damp but not sopping wet. Always water with lukewarm water; coleus doesn't like cold soil. Be sure to water before planting seeds so they don't float off into the corners. distribute the seeds evenly over the moist surface. Gently press the seeds, but don't bury them under more soil. Coleus seeds need light to germinate, they must be planted on top of the soil. The flat can be covered with any material that will let light in and retain moisture; a clean sheet of glass or acrylic, a clear plastic bag, or a piece of transparent plastic wrap. Make some holes for the soil to breath though. Place the flat in a spot where light can reach it—but not in direct sunlight, or the seeds will cook. Keep it warm (about 20 degrees Celsious) with a pilot light, a hot-water heater, or a soil-heating cable. A tiny magic carpet of colored seedlings should appear in a week!


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