Darlingtonia Cobra lily Growing Instructions Print

Darlingtonia Cobra lily

Place the seeds in a wet paper towel an keep in room temperature for 48 hours. Please the moist paper towel in a zip loc bag and into the fridge for about four weeks. (vegetable compartment). Take the seeds and put them on top of the soil of the pot 1cm apart from each other. Do not cover the seeds with soil as they need sunlight to germinate. If you want you can “spray” some soil on top of the pot but don’t cover the seeds. Do not put in direct sunlight during summer until it has grown. It needs at least 20 degrees Celsius to germinate, moisture and light. It also needs to have its roots kept cool so during summer you need to water early in the morning that the water is cool and place ice cubes all arount the rim of the pot onto the soil in order for the roots to be kept cool for as much as possible but don’t place them on the plant directly. Water with rain or distilled water.


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