Drosera capensis (sundew) Growing Instructions Print

Drosera capensis (sundew)

Place the seeds in a moist paper towel, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbjXZZsLfV0) put it in a zip loc bag and place in the fridge for 45 days.
Place the soil in the pot either a mix of soil and sand, Shagnum moss or soil for inside planting. Do no use fertilized soil.
Place the seeds three cm apart form each other, don’t cover the seeds with the soil at all.
It needs a lot of light but while growing do not expose the plant to direct sunlight during the hot summer months with temperatures over 25 degrees. Keep it under a shadow preferably.
It requires a lot of moisture to grow, cover the pot with a cooking plastic cover to which you have made a few holes so the plant & soil can breathe. Otherwise you can use a terrarium. Water with distilled water and don’t let the soil dry out. In case you need to use tap water leave a full glass outside for at least 24 hours since chorium can hurt your plant.
Does not require fertilizer since it gets all the useful substances it needs from the insects it eats!

You can use these videos bellow to help you plant your drosera seeds, just copy the link and paste it on your browser:


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