Morinda Citrifolia Growing Instructions Print

Morinda Citrifolia

Noni seeds require hot, wet conditions for optimum germination. Un-scarified seeds require several months to a year before natural germination takes place, but their germination can be reduced to a month or so using heat so use a nail clipper or knife to scarify the seeds. Nick the seed from top to bottom without exposing the white embryo.The seeds can tolerate temperature of 100°F (38°C), perhaps even higher. Select the warmest spot in the nursery or greenhouse to germinate noni seeds.
Noni seeds may be germinated in seedling flats or trays or sown directly in containers. Make sure they are deep. A light medium that retains water yet remains aerated is best. Suitable components for a planting medium include vermiculite, perlite, peat moss, commercial potting media, compost. Plant 1-2 cm deep. Check the planting medium every day to make sure that it never dries out. Spritz with warm water as necessary to keep it evenly moist, but don't allow it to become wet. Move the seedling to a bright, warm windowsill out of direct sun as soon as it germinates. Provide a constant temperature of about 90 to 95 degrees F and keep the medium evenly moist.


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