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Pepper - Hot pepper Growing Instructions


Peppers are really easy to grow. Sow the seeds 10 cm apart 1cm deep so they can be transplanted once they sprout or sow separately in small pots. Seeds should be sown in light, well-drained soil in a warm (60 degrees minimum) medium, 6 to 8 weeks before they are to be set out. Sow 1-1,5 centimetre in rich in nutrients soil and make sure the pot has adequate holes for good drainage. You can also put small rocks at the bottom of the pot to ensure that the pot has good drainage and that the soil will not clog the holes.

They should be set out when the weather is really warm and settled. The seeds take 5 to 20 days to sprout. Transplant the seedlings, as soon as they are large enough to handle [(10 centimetre) and have a set of leaves (4 leaves including the first two)] individually in pots or in the garden. In either case, use well-drained soil but water in order to keep moist always. The plants must never suffer through drought or low temperatures. Harden them off gradually before planting them outside.





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