Physalis Alkekengi Growing Instructions Print

Physalis Alkekengi

Choose a well-lit spot to plant the Physalis alkekengi. The plant prefers full sun but will do well in partial shade.
Dig the soil up to work organic matter in before planting. Mix the garden soil with 50 percent peat moss to add nutrients. An ideal pH balance is 6.1 to 6.5 for the Physalis alkekengi.
Plant the Physalis alkekengi at least 3 feet away from other plants to give the Physalis plant room to spread and grow. Remember that the Physalis alkekengi can be quite invasive so it needs room of its own.
Keep soil moist by watering but do not over-water. Physalis alkekengi plants prefer moist soil but they do not like wet feet from standing water.
Fertilize the plant once in the spring and once in the summer using an all-purpose water-soluble fertilizer. Follow the directions on the manufacturer's label.
Pull the plant up if it begins to invade areas where you do not want it to go. Transplant the pulled-up plants to another area of the garden or simply discard.


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