Rainbow Eucalyptus Growing Instructions Print


Rainbow Eucalyptus

Tip: You can put the seeds directly in the soil or if you want to have better control of the seeds you can follow the procedure shown in the video below and put the seeds onto the soil after several days (10-20).

Fill a container that drains, or a seed-starting tray with soil. Use sandy loam, or a seed-starting mixture, as eucalyptus seeds prefer well-drained, lightweight soil mixtures. Press the soil with your hand to firm it up.
Water the soil to help it settle before planting. Saturate the soil until water comes from the container's drain holes. Planting the eucalyptus seeds in moist soil, helps them stick to the soil.
Sprinkle some eucalyptus seeds over the soil. Cover the seeds with 1/8 inch of soil. Press the soil down lightly with your hand.Fill a plastic spray bottle with water. Turn the nozzle to mist. Spray the top of the container's soil until wet.Set the container of seeds into another container that holds 1 to 2 inches of water. Keep the bottom container filled with 1 to 2 inches of water. It helps the soil stay moist and cuts down on overhead watering needs, which can displace and damage young seedlings.
Place the containers in an area located in full sun. The seeds should germinate in approximately two weeks. Once you have achived germination though sun is required do not expose the seedlings to direct sunlight until they are at least 4 inches high.
Mist the soil regularly with the spray bottle to keep it moist. Water the soil with a gently stream of water, if not watering with a spray bottle. This reduces possible damage to the seedlings.
Thin the seedlings to the strongest one three weeks after germination. Trim the unwanted seedling off with pruning shears



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