Sarracenia Purpurea Growing Instructions Print


Sarracenia Purpurea

Place the seeds in a wet paper towel in room temperature for 48 hours, then take the seeds with the damp towel (if it is not damp add moisture by slightly sprinkling some water) put in a zip loc plastic bag and into the fridge for 6 weeks along with the fruit and vegetables. After 6 weeks remove from the fridge place the soil in the pot and place the seeds ontop of the soil at least 2 cm away from each other. Do not cover with soil as they need the sunlight to germinate. Sunlight and at least 20-25 degrees Celsius are needed for germination. Also humidity is important so you can cover the pot with a transparent plastic wrapper to which you must make a few holes for the air to circulate..Keep the soil moist and only water with distilled water or rain water.



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