Strelitzia Growing Instructions Print


Examine the strelitzia seeds and pull off the orange tuft of hair from top of each one using your fingers.
Fill a bucket with 1 qt. of water and add .2 oz. of a plant growth regulator called ethephon. Mix the solution up well and place the the strelitzia seeds into it. Allow the seeds to soak for 48 hours. Plant growth regulator is available at garden centers. Fill a segmented seed tray half full of an all-purpose potting soil. Pour the seed mixture through a strainer to remove the seeds from the water solution and then place one seed in each tray compartment. Add another 1/4 inch of soil to the top of the seeds until they are covered.
Water the tray until it comes out of bottom and the soil is saturated.
Set the tray in a location that has a temperature of at least 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The strelitzia seeds will germinate in approximately four weeks.
Transplant the strelitzia seeds outdoors when they have at least two to three sets of leaves.


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