Dianthus Caryophyllus Carnation Print


Dianthus caryophyllus (Clove Pink) is a species of Dianthus. It is probably native to the Mediterranean region but its exact range is unknown due to extensive cultivation for the last 2,000 years. It is the wild ancestor of the garden carnation.

It is a herbaceous perennial plant growing to 80 cm tall. The leaves are glaucous greyish green to blue-green, slender

Impatiens Balsamina Print


Impatiens balsamina (Garden Balsam or Rose Balsam) is a species of Impatiens native to southern Asia in India and Myanmar.It is called kamantigue in the Philippines. This species of Kalamantigue are used in teas. Boil the seeds after drying and you will get a tea.

In many English speaking countries they are known as "Touch me Not", possibly due to the ripe seed pods explosively bursting when touched.

Saguaro Cactus (Carnegiea Gigantea) Print


The saguaro is a large, tree-sized cactus species in the monotypic genus Carnegiea. It is native to the Sonoran Desert in the U.S. state of Arizona, theMexican state of Sonora, a small part of Baja California in the San Felipe Desert and an extremely small area of California, U.S. The saguaro blossom is the State Wildflower of Arizona.

Aquilegia vulgaris Print

Aquilegia vulgaris (European Columbine, Common Columbine or Granny's Nightcap) is a species of columbine native to Europe.


Aquilegia (Columbine; from Latin columba "dove") is a genus of about 60-70 species of perennial plants that are found in meadows, woodlands,

Pitaya dragon fruit Print


A pitaya or pitahaya is the fruit of several cactus species, most importantly of the genus Hylocereus (sweet pitayas). These fruits are commonly known as dragon fruit Chinese huǒ lóng guǒ "fire dragon fruit" and lóng zhū guǒ, "dragon pearl fruit", Vietnamese thanh long meaning "sweet dragon", Indonesian and Malaysianbuah naga, "dragon fruit", Lao mark mang gohn for "dragon fruit", and Thai kaeo mangkon (Thai: แก้วมังกร) "dragon crystal". Other vernacular names are strawberry pear ornanettikafruit.

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