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21. Snapdragons Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... need light to germinate, so do not allow them to become covered with soil. Keep the seed flat in a cool room, with temperatures around 55 degrees. Choose an outdoor planting site with full sun and rich, ...
22. Chrysanthemum Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... to germinate within about one to two weeks. Turn the grow light on after the seeds germinate. Provide about 10 hours of light for the seedlings each 24-hour period.  ...
23. Coleus Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... they don't float off into the corners. distribute the seeds evenly over the moist surface. Gently press the seeds, but don't bury them under more soil. Coleus seeds need light to germinate, they must be ...
24. Chinese Long Cucumber Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... to germinate, they need warmth 20+ C and sun.  ...
25. Catnip Nepeta Cataria Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... covered, but buried just below the surface.Water thoroughly and place the pot in a warm place to allow the seeds to germinate. On top of the refrigerator or on a warm windowsill that does not receive direct ...
26. Amaranthus (Love Lies Bleeding) Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... requires between 10 and 17 days to germinate. If starting off indoors they should be grown at a temperature of between 21 and 24 degrees Celsius in peat pots for seven to eight weeks before planting out ...
27. Pitaya Dragon Fruit Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... of 18+ degrees for the cactus to germinate.    ...
28. Rainbow Chards Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... 13-21. It will take about 5-16 days to germinate and it requires regular watering. Make sure the pot has good drainage in order for the seeds not to rot. Should you need to transplant, 5-6 weeks after ...
29. Bat flower Plant (Tacca Chantrieri) Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... drainage holes at the bottom so as not to produce mold. Keep the soil moist and in a warm place as Taccas need a lot of sunlight to germinate. At the early stages place a plastic rap over the pot so as ...
30. Bodhi Tree (Ficus Religiosa) Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... required you can transplant when leaves have sprung and plant reaches 10cm. It needs 5 hours a day of sun and about 18+ degrees Celsius or 65+ Fahrenheit to germinate. Water frequently to keep soil moist ...
31. Acer palmatum Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... Celsius) for the Acer palmatum to germinate.      ...
32. Pansies, Pansy
(articles/Flower information)
... cool season annual germinates at cooler than normal temperatures. 68-70 F (20-21 C) are ideal. Place the flat at room temperature , e.g. consistently 70-75 F. The moist seed starting mixture will always ...
33. Roses
(articles/Flower information)
... all the seed will germinate. In this case, you can either throw away the pots or keep the pots cool and damp all summer to sit outdoors.  ...
34. Coreopsis
(articles/Flower information)
... the soil moist until they germinate, about one of two weeks. Coreopsis can also be grown from division or cuttings. Final spacing for the plants is about 12" apart. Plants will bloom approximately 60 ...
35. Sunflower
(articles/Flower information)
... to keep moist; keep under grow lights, sunny windowsill, or greenhouse.   Once seeds germinate (10 to 14 days), pinch out weakest plant, so you have one per pot. Give seedlings bright light; water ...
36. Dianthus Caryophyllus Carnation
(articles/Flower information)
... deep in a well drained mix in spring or early summer. Make sure the compost is moist but not wet. Mist spray occasionally and keep it moist. The seeds will germinate in 2 to 3 weeks. Transplant in pots ...
37. Pitaya dragon fruit
(articles/Flower information)
... and sand. Moisten the mixture. Sprinkle the seeds on the top of the medium and barely cover them with sand. Seeds need light to germinate. Place the container in a plastic bag to retain moisture. Set ...
38. Cayenne Pepper
(articles/Flower information)
... long as 12 weeks to germinate and the seedlings are slow-growing.   If your climate permits, you can plant seeds directly into the ground in early spring. The soil should be well dug, and slightly ...
39. Bhut Jolokia Bhut Jolokia Naga Jolokia pepper
(articles/Flower information)
... propagation mat. Soil must be kept moderately moist, never being allowed to completely dry out and never allowed to become soggy. This will destroy the embryo in the seed and they will not germinate. The ...
40. Acer Palmatum
(articles/Flower information)
... (~ 14 to 17 degrees Celsius) for the Acer palmatum to germinate, but I don't believe this to be a hard and fast rule. With this recipe, you should be able to see your labors of the past ninety days ...
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