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1. Morinda Citrifolia Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... 100°F (38°C), perhaps even higher. Select the warmest spot in the nursery or greenhouse to germinate noni seeds. Noni seeds may be germinated in seedling flats or trays or sown directly in containers. ...
2. Bat flower Plant (Tacca Chantrieri) Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... to keep moisture inside the pot but make sure it has some holes for the soil and plant to breathe. Uncover the seeds once they have germinated and place them in a humid area where they will get some sun ...
3. Cayenne Pepper
(articles/Flower information)
... germinated, and the seedlings are well-established, begin watering more deeply. Apply a nitrogen fertilizer, but not too close to the bases of the plants. You can find fertilizer appropriate for peppers ...
4. Bhut Jolokia Bhut Jolokia Naga Jolokia pepper
(articles/Flower information)
... they can also take up to 35 days depending on soil temperature, and seed quality. Seed themselves do not require light to germinate, however once the seeds have germinated you need to provide adequate ...
... out of direct sunlight because of the rapid buildup of heat inside or beneath the covering, which can literally bake and kill seeds and seedlings. Once most of the seeds have germinated (within 4-6 weeks) ...
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