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1. Melissa – Lemon Balm Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... 12 to 21 days. Days to maturity 30-40 days They require consistently moist soil; do not let them dry out in between watering. Transplant when they have their first set of true leaves and are still small ...
2. Strawberries Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... weeks you'll see seed sprouts. Transplant to regular soil when sprouts are sturdy enough (3rd or 4th set of leaves).  ...
3. Strelitzia Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... The strelitzia seeds will germinate in approximately four weeks. Transplant the strelitzia seeds outdoors when they have at least two to three sets of leaves.  ...
4. Pepper growing instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... is really warm and settled. The seeds take 5 to 20 days to sprout. Transplant the seedlings, as soon as they are large enough to handle [(10 centimetre) and have a set of leaves (4 leaves including the ...
5. Bodhi Tree (Ficus Religiosa) Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... required you can transplant when leaves have sprung and plant reaches 10cm. It needs 5 hours a day of sun and about 18+ degrees Celsius or 65+ Fahrenheit to germinate. Water frequently to keep soil moist ...
6. Giant Sequoia Growing Instructions
(articles/Germination Growing instructions)
... it in the refrigerator for at least a month. Put the seeds in pot filled with soil and place the pot in a sunny spot but do not expose the small flowers to direct sunlight at least until leaves start coming ...
7. Tagetes - Marigold
(articles/Flower information)
... green leaves. Blooms are naturally in golden, orange, yellow, and white colors, often with maroon highlights. Floral heads are typically (0.1-) to 4–6 cm diameter, generally with both ray florets and disc ...
8. Gerbera
(articles/Flower information)
... in some natural, indirect light. The germination process takes about 30 days to complete. Move the seedlings to small pots as soon as you see the first sign of young leaves. These can stay there until ...
9. Roses
(articles/Flower information)
...  Transplant the seedlings into their own flower pots when they have 4-6 true leaves and grow on until they are ready to be transplanted outdoors. (after all danger of frost).   Note that not ...
10. Sunflower
(articles/Flower information)
... and image is often used to depict the sun. The sunflower has a rough, hairy stem, broad, coarsely toothed, rough leaves and circular heads of flowers. The heads consist of 1,000-2,000 individual flowers ...
11. Dianthus Caryophyllus Carnation
(articles/Flower information)
... It is the wild ancestor of the garden carnation. It is a herbaceous perennial plant growing to 80 cm tall. The leaves are glaucous greyish green to blue-green, slender , up to 15 cm long. The flowers ...
12. Impatiens Balsamina
(articles/Flower information)
... touched. It is an annual plant growing to 20–75 cm tall, with a thick, but soft stem. The leaves are spirally-arranged, 2.5–9 cm long and 1–2.5 cm broad, with a deeply toothed margin. The flowers ...
13. Aquilegia vulgaris
(articles/Flower information)
... perennial plant growing to 1.2 m tall, with branched, thinly hairy stems. The leaves are pinnate, with the basal leaflets themselves trifoliate. Cultivars include the Barlow series (Nora Barlow, Black ...
14. Peter pepper, penis pepper
(articles/Flower information)
... Peter peppers are mildly hot in flavor. The peter pepper plant is also often cultivated for ornamental purposes. Descriptions Peter pepper plants are characterized by their smooth, green evergreen leaves. ...
15. Habanero hot pepper
(articles/Flower information)
... seeds sprout their first and second sets of leaves.   Transplant your habanero pepper seedlings into 6-inch planter pots. Each habanero pepper plant will need its own planter. Water the soil to ...
16. Cayenne Pepper
(articles/Flower information)
... in local home improvement stores.   Jalapeno flower Jalapeno plants are slow to start; don't be discouraged. Jalapeno plants need to develop their branches and a profusion of green leaves before ...
17. Jacaranda Mimosifolia
(articles/Flower information)
... also used as the common name. he species are shrubs to large trees ranging in size from 2 to 30 m (6.6 to 98 ft) tall.   The leaves are bipinnate in most species, pinnate or simple in a few species. ...
18. Cercis siliquastrum
(articles/Flower information)
... forms a small tree up to 12 metres in height and 10 metres in width. The deep pink flowers are produced on year-old or older growth, including the trunk in late spring. The leaves appear shortly ...
... is formed by the terminal portion of each of the plant's leaves and is triggered by tiny hairs on their inner surfaces. When an insect or spider crawling along the leaves contacts a hair, the trap ...
20. Ficus Religiosa Bodhi Tree
(articles/Flower information)
... is said to have achieved enlightenment, or Bodhi.    In religious iconography, the Bodhi tree is recognizable by its heart-shaped leaves, which are usually prominently displayed. The ...
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