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... Flytraps: a very low-nutrient mix based on sphagnum peat moss, with other ingredients such as silica sand or perlite optionally added. No "potting soil" (usually has nutrients added) and no Miracle-Gro ...
2. Nepenthes Hookeriana grow from seeds
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... found in recently disturbed clearings.   Buy Nepenthes Hokeriana Seeds - Click Here   Grow Nepenthes Hookeriana from seeds Nepenthes seeds can be started on chopped live sphagnum moss in very ...
3. Nepenthes Ampullaria carnivorous
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... Do not let the soil dry out. Soil - Long Fiber Sphagnum Size - The plant can grow several feet in diameter and significantly in length. It is an ideal candidate for larger grow chambers (4'x4'x8') ...
4. Drosera capensis - Grow cape sundew from seeds
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... Drosera Capensis   Drosera capensis isn't very picky about soil. It grows well in pure sphagnum moss as well as the standard 1:1 peat:sand "CP mix". Growing plants in CP mix with live sphagnum on top ...
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